Our First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

We just completed our second week of the new school year! Every year we begin in the month of July and this year was almost the same except, we did start 2 weeks earlier than normal. I was actually ready and looking forward to having our school routine set in place. The last few months have been a little overwhelming with the COVID virus, the loss of my husband’s stepmom to cancer, going through some health challenges myself, and moving into a new house. Whew!

After getting settled in the new house and trying to adjust to the new “normal” way of life, I decided that starting school and keeping our minds occupied on good things would be something we would all gladly welcome. So last month I began to plan out our school year and figure out what curriculum to use for my youngest who is starting first grade.

It may seem surprising to know that even after homeschooling for 7 years, I still struggle at times deciding which curriculum to use for each of my kids. There are SO many to choose from and it seems there are always new curriculums being created that are amazing! It can be a little overwhelming at times, in a good way. 🙂

After much prayer and thought I decided to continue using what was familiar to me for first grade and that is … My Father’s World! I used this same curriculum a few years ago with my oldest two children and it worked very well for both of them so I thought … why should I change?

Here is what I will be using for my youngest for the new 2020-2021 school year!



Teachers Manual

My Father’s World First Grade is an all-in-one boxed curriculum. This means that all your subjects are included …History, Bible, Science, Art Appreciation, Math, Reading, and Phonics. This also includes their Teacher’s manual which I love for a few reasons. 1. It lays everything out for you with a weekly grid 2. There are notes on what to do for each day of the week. 3. It is sprinkled with lots of helpful tips on what you can do if the curriculum is moving too fast or too slow for your student.4. There is an awesome book list on the back for Math and Science

You can check out a sample of the inside of the Teachers Manual by clicking here. https://www.mfwbooks.com/item/92102/Learning-God-s-Story/


During this school year, History will consist of reading stories from the Bible Reader. My daughter will be using her bible reader to practice reading and to learn about the Bible. As she reads each story, she will use the Bible Journal to draw a picture of what we read that day and write a few sentences to summarize the story. There are also timeline pieces for every Bible story that your child can cut out and make a timeline. (Sorry I don’t have any pics of the timeline) The really neat thing about the Bible journal is that it becomes a keepsake for you and them to remember first grade. I have two of these from my other two children and its really fun when we pull it out and look at their drawings.

A few pics from my oldest. This was almost 6 years ago.


The Phonics and the Reading portion of this curriculum consist of the Bible reader, a workbook (pictures above), and student sheets. The teachers’ manual provides daily lesson plans instructing when and how to use the workbook and student sheets. The student sheets help reinforce phonics, spelling, and handwriting. I organize our student sheets by categorizing them by weeks and putting them in hanging files in a crate. (pictures below) This makes it so easy for me to pull out their sheets every week. Down below is a link that will take you to Kristi Clover’s instructional video on how she organizes a lot of her homeschool worksheets using the “crate system”, in case you are interested.



Science will be taught using these three Usborne books, Science With Plants, Things Outdoors, and Science with Water. You will also be utilizing the book basket (books you check out from the library from the booklist) to check out books from the library that will go along with what you are learning that week. For example, this week we read a little about ants, moles, and earthworms. Here are a few books that we read this week. Currently, our libraries are not entirely open but you can reserve books and pick them up.

Science is pretty light which I like because this gives me the liberty to add extra fun stuff when we have time. For example, I made a simple Science journal using a 69 cents journal and we will use this to draw a picture of something we learned that day or perhaps draw a picture from a book we read. In the images below you will see come pictures my oldest daughter drew in her journal while she was in First grade.

Picture of a lap book we decided to do for fun. (This was not part of the curriculum)


Singapore Math Dimensions

I chose not to use MFW’s math book that comes with the curriculum. Instead, I decided to use Singapore Math Dimensions. This curriculum comes with a Teachers Guide, a textbook, and 2 workbooks. Once again, I had used Singapore math with my 2 oldest children and really liked it so I decided to use the same with my youngest. This math will take a little more of your time as it has a lot of activities to do with your child in addition to the workbook but I found it worked well with my kids. If you would like to know a bit more about Singapore Math dimensions, click below to go directly to their website.


If you would like to watch a video with a review of the curriculum then click below.


We use these cubes quite a bit and will be the first time we use these flash cards.


My Big Book of 5-Minute Devotions is included with the curriculum and is a really cute devotional that uses animals to teach spiritual principles. So far my daughter really enjoys listening to these and looking at the beautiful pictures.


Art appreciation will be taught by using these beautiful photos of paintings by different artists. ( This is included with the curriculum.)There is a study guide included that gives instructions on how to use these photos to teach your student about 20 different beautiful works of art. I am excited to start this with my daughter.


Handwriting Without Tears

This is a handwriting supplement that I have also used with all my kids for a little extra handwriting practice.

First Language Lessons

This is something else I am using with my daughter. Once again it is not needed but the lessons in this book are very short and nicely scripted for the parent. This book includes poetry, grammar, narration, and picture study.

Bob Books

We also use Bob Books for additional reading practice along with readers from the library.

Daily Calendar Notebook

I purchased this Daily Notebook Calendar from the website Teachers Pay Teachers for only $3.99. It was a digital download that I simply printed out after purchasing and downloading. A few pages were put into page protectors so that my daughter can use dry-erase markers on them. If you would like to check out more info on this Daily notebook then click below. (Once again this is NOT needed just something my daughter enjoys)


Morning Basket

My youngest also sits in with us in the morning when we read books from our Morning Basket. This takes place in the morning after I’ve made breakfast for everyone. While all the kids are eating breakfast I read from several books. I have 2 “read-aloud” books, a book on manners, and a family devotional. It is during this time that we go over our memory verses and pray together. We are using “Our 24 Family Ways” written by Clay Clarkson. This devotional is geared towards younger kids but I am using it for all the kids together.


I also wanted to share this storage box I purchased from Michaels I put all her books in this plastic container I purchased at Michaels for about $8.00. I really love this because sometimes we do school downstairs in our homeschool room and sometimes we just use our kitchen table. It’s really nice to have all her books in a container to carry upstairs or downstairs.

And that wraps up what I will be using for my First-grader this year! I hope this is helpful to anyone interested in My Fathers World First Grade. https://www.mfwbooks.com/item/92101/Learning-Gods-Story-Deluxe-Package/

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